About Us

Joint Limited Liability Company (JLLC) “PromAgroPack-2007” is a modern cardboard enterprise specializing mainly (within the bounds of a business-project of sheet corrugated cardboard production) in corrugated container cardboard manufacturing, as well as shipping container, consumer and in-plant packaging and individual corrugated cardboard packaging of various sizes for a variety of industries.
The first batch of the plant’s product was produced in August of 2008, which won “PromAgroPack-2007” a front-line position among other Belorussian corrugated cardboard and packaging manufacturers.
The plant is equipped with efficient modern imported equipment and automated full-scale cycle lines, which allows the production of a wide variety of high-quality goods.
Our manufacturing capacity, the achieved technological level and efficient production standards and labour management assure prompt and qualitative order fulfillment.
Our careful and businesslike approach to every customer will assure a timely and efficient order fulfillment.
We provide a wide range of high quality corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging that would satisfy the demand of our most exacting customers .
We have presently set up the production of three-layered corrugated container cardboard (acc. ТУ РБ 700032335.027-2004) and corrugated cardboard boxes acc. (ГОСТ 9142-90) type Т-21, Т-22, Т-23, Т-24; sheet cutting and scoring available.
Our production involves the use of solely high-quality raw material of the best domestic and foreign (Russia) manufacturers and companies.
We produce a cardboard packaging with brown, as well as cloud and bleached covering layer.
The high-quality one-, two- and three-color flexographic printing allows to individualize your packaging and give it an appealing outlook.
Our corrugated and regular packaging has a high complexity pattern and is produced of three-layered and five-layered cardboard, which allows to use it on food industry (fish and marine products processing, dairy and meat industry, confectionary, and alcoholic beverage industry) factories, as well as other industries and fields of economy and industrial production (light industry, furniture plants, construction industry, etc.)
Our product is applicable to be used for household chemistry and beauty products packaging, paint, electrical goods and household appliances packaging, as well as farming and greenhouse products packaging, juice, mushrooms, fruit and berries packaging, etc.
As a new and developing enterprise “PromAgroPack-2007” entered the market with a wide range of goods, and is ready to satisfy the demand of Brest and neighbouring regions manufacturers, offering corrugated cardboard and modern cardboard packaging at a competitive price; we equally intend to purposefully promote our product at a foreign market.
We offer competitive prices, efficient terms of delivery and individual customer approach.
To arrange supplies, please call the following contact numbers in Brest:

    +375 162 48-98-84 (reception);
    +375 162 48-99-09 (Sales Department);
    +375 162 48-81-24 (tel/fax).

Welcome to long-term and profitable collaboration!

Kind regards,
“PromAgroPack-2007” group.