Corrugated cardboard has a multilayered structure and consists of alternating flat (liners) and corrugated (fluted) cardboard layers.
The corrugated cardboard sort and type are chosen in accordance with requirements to the packaging durability that provides the safety of packaged goods, and with requirements to the container outlook, as well as to the quality and method of image application and manufacturing features.

The raw material that is used in our production is stored indoor, on wooden pallets, sealed.
The paper and cardboard for corrugation and lining is stored on wooden pallets in no more than two tiers.
Starch glue and other components are stored in sealed cans on pallets.
All of the above features, along with high production standards, provide for a corresponding quality and consumer properties of our product.

The use of modern imported equipment allows us to produce high quality corrugated container and boxes, as well as corrugated packaging of various dimensions; our multipurpose printing equipment allows the application of up to three colors (by means of flexographic printing) on container and packaging of standard and big sizes, such as large-size container and nonstandard packaging.
There’s an individual workshop available with special-purpose equipment for nonstandard packaging production.

Following the advanced tendencies of the industry, we do our best to minimize the lead time for cardboard packaging production, with regard of all the requirements of every particular customer. Depending on production output and the size of a particular consignment, on the urgency and complicacy of the order and the need of transportation of the finished product to the customer, the lead time may take from 3 to 10 workdays. To provide convenience and to optimize transportation and logistics expenses, each consignment may be stored in our warehouse from 1 to 3 workdays, depending on the minimum dispatch bulk.
We will consider all alternatives for collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers regarding purchase of raw material and auxiliary materials for corrugated cardboard production:
  • cardboard for corrugated layers (paper for corrugation);
  • flat layers of corrugated cardboard;
  • glue, paints for flexographic printing, etc.
We are ready to provide assistance and consulting services for corrugated cardboard and cardboard products manufacturers regarding purchase and supplies of various kinds of raw material and auxiliary goods.