Corrugated cardboard packaging includes various types of container (consumer, in-plant and shipping container) and packaging of specified patterns and dimensions.

For every classification group there is a set of technical requirements that should provide for the main functions of the packaging, such as protection, transportation, storage, marketing, information, application, and environment protection.

Due to its simple design and a reasonable cost corrugated cardboard is currently one of the most convenient and advantageous materials to use for packaging all kinds of products in various areas of industry and manufacture:
  • for food industry enterprises:
    • dairy and meat industry;
    • poultry farming;
    • for fish, marine products, processed marine products packaging (for canned fish, preserves, in-process goods, etc. );
    • confectionary industry;
    • backed goods, flour and macaroni foods, sugar and cereals packaging;
    • products of fruit and vegetable enterprises, vegetable drying and canning enterprises;
    • alcoholic beverage industry, beer, juice and beverages manufacturing;
    • wine industry, etc.
  • for timber and woodworking industry (furniture and souvenir goods manufacturing in particular);
  • for petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry enterprises (paint-and-lacquer materials, oils, solvents, as well as medical and pharmaceutical goods packaging);
  • for tobacco and beauty industry products packaging;
  • for construction industry enterprises (for ceramic tile, sanitaryware items and glass packaging, etc.);
  • for light industry enterprises (for fabric and fabric products packaging, as well as hosiery products packaging);
  • for machine building and metal working (electrical goods and household appliances packaging, as well as optics products packaging);
  • various agricultural products (including farming and greenhouse products), as well as mushrooms, fruit and berries packaging, etc.

The “PromAgroPack-2007” product is also applicable for the household chemicals and chemical industry products packaging, beauty products packaging, paint and varnish industry products packaging, medical and pharmaceutical products packaging, furniture, glass and construction materials packaging, electrical goods and household appliances packaging, backed goods, flour and macaroni foods, sugar and cereals packaging, beer and tobacco goods packaging, as well as for the packaging of the products of fruit and vegetable enterprises, vegetable drying and canning enterprises, farming and greenhouse enterprises, for juice, berries and mushrooms packaging, etc.

We produce two- and three-layered corrugated cardboard of types Т-21, Т-22, Т-23, Т-24 (corrugation type B: h=2,2?3,2mm., t=4,5?6,4mm, small – and C: h=3,2?4,4mm., t=6,5?8,0mm – medium) – for container and packing accessories manufacturing – and provide sheet cutting to patterns with creasing application.

Depending on the Customer’s requirement, the corrugated cardboard layers may be brown or bleached.

Main types of manufactured product:

Corrugates 4-flap boxes:
  1. Folded boxes with a 4-flap top and bottom:
    • Abutting external flaps (version А acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0201) – view;
    • Partially overlapping external flaps (version B acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0202) – view;
    • Fully overlapping external flaps (version C acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0203) – view;
    • Abutting external and partially overlapping internal flaps (version D acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0205) – view;
    • Abutting external and internal flaps (version E acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0204) – view;
    • Shortened external and internal top flaps and abutting external bottom flaps (version F acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0209) – view.
  2. 4-flap boxes of telescopic design are composed of two boxes with an opening; in the assembled condition one box is put on another:
    • Detachable top and solid bottom (version 1.1 acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0306) – view;
    • Detachable top and bottom, solid body (version 1.3 acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0320, 0325) – view.

We produce corrugated boxes of standard size, as well as customized boxes on order:
  • With various types of punching (handle holes and vent holes);
  • Shortened/overlapping flaps; With perforation (for easy opening); With bottom of elaborate design.

Corrugated boxes of elaborate design:
  • Trays and tray type boxes (version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0423, 0425, 0430, 0432, 0433) – view;
  • Show-boxes;
  • Bottom layer.

Internal details and additional packaging accessories:
  • Rings – drawing 21 acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0904 – view;
  • Inlays - drawing 22 acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0908 – view;
  • bridges – drawing 23 acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0920, 0921 – view;
  • grids, including collapsible grid – drawing 26, 27 acc. GOST 9142-90 – FEFCO 0933, 0934 – view;
  • lining.

The high quality flexographic printing (up to three colors) will add to the appealing outlook of your packaging and accentuate the customer features of the packaged goods.