Vision of PromAgroPak-2007:

strengthening the position in the market of the Republic of Belarus and creating a long-term basis for increasing the value of our company, the value and benefits of our consumers, partners and employees through continuous improvement of activities based on the existing experience and increase brand fame.

Implementation ways:

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    Constant updating of the range of products, introduction of innovative technologies;

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    Increasing sales volumes by increasing consumer confidence and improving the company's reputation;

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    Equipping processes with modern equipment;

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    Reducing production costs, improving profitability;

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    Training and training of staff;

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    Improving the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001 - 2015;

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    creating a system of motivating quality work.


Creating long-term partnerships with customers


Responsibility of each employee for the quality of their work


Continuous improvement in quality management

PromAgroPak-2007 invites highly qualified specialists to work, namely:

We offer


Social package


Decent wages


Friendly and cheerful team

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