PromAgroPak-2007 is a modern cardboard enterprise whose main profile is the production of transport, consumer, production containers and individual packaging from 3-layer corrugated cardboard for a variety of industries and industries.

The plant produced its first products in August 2008 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of cardboard packaging and packaging in the Republic of Belarus.

In our work, we aim to produce quality and safe products, using innovations, modern raw materials and materials, with the right value for money, satisfying our consumers. We guarantee the quality of our products.

PromAgroPak-2007 Vision: Strengthening the Position in the Market of the Republic of Belarus and Creating a Long-Term Basis for Increasing the Value of Our Company, Value and Benefits of Our Consumers, Partners and Employees Through Continuous Improvement based on existing experience and increased brand awareness.

Implementation paths:

  • -constant updating of the range of products, introduction of innovative technologies;
  • Increasing sales volumes by increasing consumer confidence and improving the company’s reputation;
  • Equipping processes with modern equipment;
  • Reducing production costs, improving profitability;
  • Training and training of staff;
  • Improving the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001 – 2015;
  • Creating a system of motivation for quality work.

PromAgroPak-2007 is equipped with modern high-performance imported equipment: automatic lines with a full-scale cycle, allowing to produce products of the widest range and high quality: boxes of 4-valve/ drawers of tray type, as well as various types of auxiliary packaging materials (liners, beaks, grills and pads), – according to GOST 9142-2014. The profitability of cooperation with us has already been appreciated by a number of food companies (meat, poultry, fish and seafood processing, bakery production), as well as firms and organizations of other sectors and sectors of the national economy and industrial production of various forms of property (light, furniture, construction industry
materials, household chemistry, etc.).

Among our trading partners and clients are a number of leading companies in both the Brest region and the Republic of Belarus. PromAgroPak-2007 is on the list of manufacturers included in the register of manufacturers of goods and services of the Republic of Belarus (in the sections “Pulp and Paper Production,” “Tar no. 8817-2018”), and has passed certification ISO 9001-2015 (Certificate of Compliance No. BY/112 05.004 03531 from 13.08.2014, valid until 13.08.2020).

All the intended products are accompanied by the Act of Examination of Origin and certificate of origin of the Goods of own production, annually issued by the Brest branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the expiration date – up to April 28, 2018) – and the Declaration on compliance with the customs union (term – until January 27, 2022): packaging meets the requirements of technical regulations (TR TS 005/2011 “On packaging safety”).

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PromAgroPak-2007 is committed to strengthening its position in the market of the Republic of Belarus and creates a long-term basis for increasing the value of our Company through continuous improvement of operations based on existing experience.



Values Values

In its work, PromAgroPak-2007 aims to produce high-quality and safe products, using innovations, modern raw materials and materials, with the right value for money, satisfying our consumers. We guarantee the quality of our products!


Values Values


PromAgroPak-2007’s strategy is to create long-term business relationships with our Partners, the responsibility of each employee for the quality of his work and the continuous improvement of the functioning quality management system.